Ostergruß von Sr. Catherine aus dem Emmanuel Centre


Christ is Risen Alleluia! We trust this finds you well. Receive our warmest thoughts and wishes to you and your family on this Easter occasion. The Emmanuel community is doing well and we wish to thank you for your continued support to our program. We acknowledge that it is because of you that we have reached this far. How could it be without you!

Margaret Ogola the author of “The River and the Source” points out that a home without a girl child is like a river without a source. This sounds ridiculous to many Africans who still think a boy child is better than a girl child. Reflecting on this during this Easter we appreciate our dear Sr Luise Agonia O.P for being the source of the ever timing and growing river. It is now two years down the line but still seems like yesterday. Thanks to you all for being a part of this river that has sustained the lives of many needy children in Kenya. Despite the fact that the year 2019 has been quite hot and dry, with people dying of hunger in some parts of Kenya, your ever flowing river has kept us alive. We thank God that our children well fed, in good health and have all the basic needs to help them move towards their dreams. Most of them have performed so well in their studies while others continue to receive the necessary academic support.

We are so proud of our son Peter Longor a South Sudanese Student in St Joseph Githunguri High School. He chose to join the Presidential Award Club which has 3 levels namely; the Bronze, silver and the Gold. The purpose of the club is service to the community, learning skills and carrying out expedition. Longor was exemplary in handling children when they visited children’s homes together with his companions. His parents are late yet, he feels for other children who may have gone through similar experiences. Mending shoes is a simple yet important service he readily offers. After a successful completion of the Gold level he was awarded a certificate by the President of the Republic of Kenya. We are so proud of his ability to go beyond the books and learn life skills out of his own will.

Peter Longor accompanied by Sr Catherine Wanja O.P during the presidential award. Congratulation
Peter Longor accompanied by Sr Catherine Wanja O.P during the presidential award. Congratulation

Our willingness to celebrate the life of each other has been outstanding. Despite our different background we belong to the ever teaming and overflowing river. We feel your love care and concern for us. Your communication, visits and donations cannot be taken for granted. We celebrate because you celebrate us as you open wide your generous hands to feed all aspects of our life. It is this spirit of celebration that we want to appreciate, enjoy and reciprocate to you during this time of Easter.

We pray that the risen Christ may resurrect in your hearts and we hope that everything will turn out wonderful and great for you and your loved ones.

Thanks for giving being our reason of looking towards our future in confidence.
We wish you a very happy Easter and God’s blessings in the coming days.
Lots of love from all the children, staff and beneficiaries of all the projects managed by the Dominican Missionary Sisters.

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