Neuigkeiten und Grüße aus dem Emanuel Center Kenia von Schwester Catherine Wanja

Receive lots of greetings from Emmanuel Centre.

We continue to thank God for the gift of Sr. Luise; may her soul rest in peace, whose spirit of self sacrifice inspired her to open her arms and heart to embrace the needs of the poor. Her dream however, wouldn’t have been realized without your ever ready support for her.

On behalf of the Dominican Missionary sisters working at; Emmanuel centre, St Monica and St. Marys’children home, I take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for what you are doing and have done in the past years. We thank you most sincerely for being there for us during the life, sickness and demise of our dear sister. You make a great difference in our life. Even though it is challenging to fit in Sr. Luise’s shoes we are grateful that we have your firm and readily available shoulders to lean on. Together we join to give our best, our all.

We cannot forget the hope you instilled in our hearts by dispatching your funds. These funds will go a long way in meeting the need of the children and the elderly.  Through your help, we are eager to follow the footsteps of our dear sister and ensure that we make a difference among the poor and the needy in Kenya. Though she’s physically gone, she lives among us through you.

Currently, we are three sisters at Emmanuel Centre; Srs Josephine Munywoki , Catherine Mulee and myself ; Catherine Wanja.  We are all young sisters ready to learn and do all that is within our power to continue what Sr. Luise began. The beginnings might not be easy but soon everything will in place.

During the April holiday we had a two days workshop with the children and workers at Emmanuel centre facilitated by Dr. Hellen and Damiana, both counselors working at St. Matia Mulumba Hospital and friends of Emmanuel Centre. We aimed at helping the children understand that the demise of Sr. Luise doesn’t mean an end. They were helped to look at the bright future ahead of them by putting effort in their studies and seeking help where need be.

The secondary school students are back to school. We already miss the young lives beaming around the compound. Those in primary school and colleges are doing well.  It’s amazing that the little ones are already writing exams to access what they have done so far in school. Thursday 18th May 2017 marked a new beginning for the workers from Emmanuel Centre, St Mary’s and St. Monica. This was a day of interacting and getting in touch once more with our roles as care givers. Our working together was symbolized in the centre piece below.

In an African kitchen the three stones play an important role. None can be without the other. The balloons symbolized the children who are delicate and rely on our help. With this kind of beginning, we are looking forward to a good working relationship with the main goal of teaching minds, touching hearts and transforming the lives of our children who have undergone different experiences.

Neuigkeiten und Weihnachtsgrüße aus dem Emanuel Center in Kenia – Brief von Schwester Luise

We wish you all the best in your endeavors. May you all find joy and fulfillment in serving those who are in need. Many thanks to your families too who have indeed become our families too through your generosity.

I remain yours at Emmanuel Centre,

Sr. Catherine Wanja O.P

Allow me to share a few more photos of the activities at Emmanuel Centre.

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